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Best Forex tool – FXCORE100 trend detector

Best Forex tool – FXCORE100 trend detector

Download one of the best forex trend detector indicator FXCORE100 on our website for FREE! You may be surprised that one Best Forex tool will help you make a profit easily. However, now we will tell you the secret of profitable and safe trading! Download indicator FXCORE100 at the bottom of this page and read how to use it to make a profit!

FXCORE100 - best Forex tool

So, on the developer’s website, the forex trend following indicator FXCORE100 has a price of $ 440. This is a big price that every novice trader is not ready to pay. On our website, you can download this Best Forex Tool for free!! Set it on the quote chart and you will get something like this template for trading, where you can clearly see when to open trades and all the moments of the beginning and end of the market trend:

Best Forex tool - FXCORE100 trend detector

Main advantages of best Forex tool-FXCORE100:

  • It works on any asset: currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stock indexes and commodities.
  • Developed for the popular MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Gives signals around the clock
  • It is good at determining the start and end points of long-term and short-term trends, that is, it is a Forex trend detector
  • The profit factor of this indicator is about 2.0, so using the FXCORE100 forex trend following indicator signals, you will make a profit at least 2 times more than the loss!

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How to install best Forex tool-FXCORE100

So, at the bottom of this page you will find a link to download FXCORE100. When you download the archive to your computer, unpack it and copy its contents to the root directory of your MT4 platform. After that, restart the platform and this forex trend following system will be available for selection in the internal menu of your trading platform.
Apply the template of this trading system to the quote chart of any asset on your platform and you will get a ready-made forex trend following system on the price chart.


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How to trade with FXCORE100?

As for the trading signals of this forex trend detector indicator, everything is very simple here. The indicator gives the main and confirmation signal. If there are two arrows of the indicator up, you need to make a deal on BUY. If there are two arrows of the indicators on the down side, you need to make a deal on SELL. You will see examples of how to use this Best Forex Tool below:

Money Management Best Forex tool FXCORE100

Of course, every trader should ask how to account for Stop Loss and Take Profit?! The developer of this system says that Stop Loss should be set below the local minimum-for BUY transactions and above the local extreme for SELL transactions. Take Profit must be set with a size 2 times larger than Stop Loss or close trades on the opposite signal of this Forex trend following indicator. The trade size should be about 0.01 for every 1000 units of your trading account. That is, for a$ 1000 deposit, use a trade size of 0.01, and for a$ 2000 deposit, use a trade size of 0.02.


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The indicator can be used simultaneously on 10-15 quote windows. Thus, you will provide yourself with a huge number of trading signals and, accordingly, daily growth of your capital.

As such a money management system shows, it will give the trader about 10-30% of the profit per month. Of course, everything will depend on the number of assets on which you will use this Best Forex tool FXCORE100 and the size of the trading lot. The more signals and the larger the trading lot, the greater your monthly profitability! However, it is not necessary to immediately maximize the trading risks. First, check the performance of this Best Forex tool on a demo account. Only after you are sure that the signals of this forex trend following system are profitable and you have learned how to perform them correctly, you can switch to a real account with real money!

Best Forex tool FXCORE100 download for FREE

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