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Automatic Forex

correlation trading

We use market patterns - we get an easy and stable profit! The strategy of this robot is a Forex correlation trading

How does it work?

Look closely at the quotes of various currency pairs, and you will see that many currencies move almost synchronously. For example, the EURJPY-CHFJPY currency pairs:

What if we put these quotes on top of each other on the same plane? We see that sometimes the quotes of these currency pairs diverge in different directions, and then converge again.

It remains only to wait for the moment when the quotes again diverge in different directions, then buy a currency pair whose quotes are at the bottom and sell a currency pair whose quotes are at the top. When they collapse again, we make a profit. As you can see, everything is logical and simple!

How does EA Corr-Master work?

Now that you know how this forex correlation strategy works, let’s explain how EA Corr-Master trades.

EA Corr-Master Expert Advisor tracks and waits for the quotes of two currency pairs to diverge in different directions,

Automatically opens deals on two currency pairs at once aimed at collapsing them on the same plane,

Accompanies open trades and, if necessary, opens new positions to improve the trading result

Waiting for the quotes of correlating currency pairs to collapse in the opposite direction-automatically closes the transaction.

And so, EA Corr-Master repeats this procedure automatically again and again, increasing the size of your trading account. It is worth noting that EA Corr-Master can trade forex correlations between many currency pairs. Thus, its trading results are widely diversified, and the growth schedule of the trading account is always smooth and with small drawdowns.

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The results of the tests EA Corr-Master

How does EA Corr-Master trade on various currency pairs? We have prepared some sample tests for you. The testing period 2015-2021, the H1 timeframe











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Advantages of EA Corr-Master

Probably, before this time, you have already learned the work of many forex robots. Each trading advisor has its own advantages. EA Corr-Master is no exception and has a number of undeniable advantages:

Works on a variety of currency pairs

Trades with a low drawdown of 5-10%

The robot works completely automatically

Stable profitability – about 5-20% per month

EA Corr-Master is developed for the MetaTrader 5 platform – a new software product of MetaQuotes.

Buy EA Corr-Master and provide your trading portfolio with a reliable, diversified system that will bring you profit for many years!

Full package
*Unlimited number of accounts with the user name
€ 125
  • EA Corr-Master for MT5 platform
  • Set files for automatic configuration
  • Detailed instructions
  • Technical Support
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Economy package
**One trading account
€ 99
  • EA Corr-Master for MT5 platform
  • Set files for automatic configuration
  • Detailed instructions
  • Technical Support
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*Unlimited number of accounts with the username – the product will work on any number of accounts that are opened personally by the buyer (the product is linked to the buyer’s name).

**One trading account – the product will work only on 1 trading account, the number of which the buyer informs us to obtain a license to use the product (the product is linked to the account number).

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