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Every trader should know

Every trader should know

Do you want a stable profit and trading without problems? Then carefully read this article to the end! Here we share with you a valuable experience, for which you can spend several years of your life on your own. Here you will get the information in a few minutes. Feel the difference! So, let’s go!

Which broker is the best for trading?

The first and probably the most important question that every novice trader should solve is to choose the right brokerage company for trading. The faster you make the right choice, the faster you will get closer to your cherished goal – to get a stable monthly profit.

So, if you are not aware, then different brokerage companies have completely different trading conditions. To trade as efficiently as possible, you need to:

  • High leverage
  • Small deposit size for the start
  • Ultra-narrow spread
  • Accurate quotes
  • Small commission
  • Instant market execution
  • Minimal price slippage
  • Good choice of assets for trading
  • Reliable regulation
  • Fast and convenient withdrawal of funds

Many brokers promise that they will provide you with the highest quality trading services. However, these promises are far from reality!
During the last 20 years of professional activity, our team members have changed many brokers. In the end, we chose the Australian brokerage company ICMarkets. This broker turned out to be the best broker in the world for us!!

In simple words, if you want the best possible trading conditions – choose a broker ICMarkets! If someone offered you another company, then send them to hell… ICMarkets is the best broker forever!

VPS for trading

Another important condition for your Trading Advisor to work without interruptions and as quickly as possible, you need to use a VPS server.
The fact is that most Expert Advisors need round-the-clock access to the market for trading. Accordingly, you need to keep your computer running on the platform turned on at all times.
In order not to force your home computer, traders all over the world will use VPS. Such a remote desktop can be rented not expensive from a specialized hosting provider.
The VPS provider creates a virtual disk for you, on which the Windows system is installed. You get access to this remote desktop through a special client program.

Next , you place your trading platform on this VPS and install a trading robot on it. Everything is ready! From this point on, you will receive a remote computer for your private use, which:

  • You do not risk interrupting the automatic trading process due to power outages,
  • Your trading system works quickly and without interruptions,
  • You save on your electricity bill. The cost of renting a VPS is usually lower than the cost of electricity consumed by your computer turned on around the clock!

Where can I rent a reliable virtual server? Find the best tariff plan for you in RUVDS.

If you use technical indicators that give trading signals, you will also need a VPS. You install a platform with indicators on your remote desktop, connect it via the MQL gateway to your smartphone and can receive trading signals in the form of PUSH notifications or email to your phone. How to set up a PUSH notification system, read below.

PUSH Notifications

If you are not aware, you can receive PUSH notifications on your smartphone from the stationary trading platform Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5, which is installed on your home computer or VPS.

To do this, you need to:

  • Connect the MetaTrader trading platform with the Metaquotes system

  • Get a special MQL ID on the site

  • Install the mobile version of the MetaTrader platform on your smartphone

  • Enter your ID in the mobile version of the platform – this will connect your stationary platform with the platform on your smartphone. You will be able to receive Push notifications.

After that, you can receive PUSH notifications on your smartphone, thanks to which you can:

  • Receive trading signals from indicators that are installed on your platform on your mobile phone,
  • Receive notifications about the execution of trading operations by the Expert Advisor installed on your platform – open deals, closing deals on Take Profit or Stop Loss orders, and much more.

Accordingly, you can trade on the mobile platform based on the signals of indicators that are installed on your home computer, monitor the trading of robots and the growth of capital in your trading account, and much more. 

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