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Forex algorithmic trading

Forex algorithmic trading

Many novice traders are wondering – how can you earn a lot on the Forex market, quickly and completely automatically. In fact, this is not a fairy tale, but a reality. This reality is called forex algorithmic trading. Now let’s explain how it works.

Forex algorithmic trading - what is it?

So, any strategy for trading in the financial market can be transformed into a forex algorithmic trading strategy. The thing is that the company MetaQuotes (the largest provider of trading software in the world), which developed the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, provides the opportunity to use programs for forex algorithmic trading on these platforms.

Using a special programming language based on the MetaEditor program, you can transform any trading strategy into a forex algorithmic trading strategy. And the possibilities of these programs are almost unlimited!

In reality, all the software that you can find on the pages of our online store is forex algorithmic trading systems. Most of these systems are designed for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms (platforms developed by Metaquotes for Forex Algo trading. However, we will talk about this later.

Forex algo is created using the MetaEditor program

So, forex algorithmic trading strategies are created using the MetaEditor program. This is a special program that programmers use to write trading code in the programming language MQ4 (for the MT4 platform) or MQ5 (for the MT5 platform).

What is the result?

So, with the help of the MetaEditor program, the programmer can transform any manual trading strategy into forex algorithmic trading strategies.

Imagine, the strategy of any professional trader can be transformed into a special program that will be automatically, around the clock and without mistakes that a person sometimes makes.

Forex algorithmic trading is a real revolution!! Your trading opportunities are unlimited!!!!!!

However, of course, every statement must be supported by facts. We will try to give you some interesting examples of what you can get as a result of Forex algorithmic trading…

Expert advisors - programs for Forex algorithmic trading

A great example of Algo technologies is NINJA BOT – forex algorithmic trading program for multi-currency trading.

  • This trading advisor works on 11 different currency pairs
  • Uses the system of loss limitation-Stop Loss
  • Can trade on 3 different trading strategies
  • It is based on the strategy of trading in the price channel using FIBO extensions.
  • The potential profitability of this robot is about 20-35% per month. In the annual equivalent, such a Forex Algo robot can bring you about 500% profit!!! Imagine, in just 1 year, you can increase the amount of your initial investment by 5 times!!!

Here is the presentation of the NINJA bot Forex Algo system on video:

So, one of the great Forex algo trading programs is NINJA BOT, you can find its detailed description on this page.

A ready-made solution for effective Algo trading:

Choose the best!

Is one example not enough? Then get another one!! Forex Algo strategy OXYGEN

So, with the help of a programming language, we have transformed a highly profitable trading system in the Bollinger channel into Forex algorithmic trading strategies. 

The name of this system is OXYGEN. And here are its advantages:
  • It works on 10 currency pairs.
  • The potential profitability is about 15-25% per month.
  • In annual terms, this is about 350%. Thus, you can increase the size of your capital by 3.5 times in 1 year!!!
  • The Algo code of this trading expert Advisor is based on the strategy of trading in the Bollinger channel.
  • The Expert Advisor trades on 2 strategies, which significantly diversifies the trading results.
  • Of course, for the safety of capital, this Algo Forex robot uses the Stop Loss system!

Here is a video presentation of this Algo Forex strategy OXYGEN:

So, if you are looking for a good Forex Algo robot, then EA OXYGEN will be your right choice. You can find this trading robot at this link.

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