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Forex correlation trading system

Forex correlation trading system

The quotes of many currency pairs move with an almost identical trajectory. Of course, many currencies are closely related to each other. What can we do about it? Use it to our advantage and make a profit. Let’s look at how the Forex correlation trading system will help us make easy profits.

How does the Forex correlation trading system work?

So, if you compare the dynamics of the movement of quotations of various currency pairs, you can see that many quotes are very similar to each other. For example, take the quotes of two currency pairs AUDCAD and AUDCHF.

As you can see, the quotes of both currency pairs at the same time begin to rise and fall. Also, they have the same flat periods. However, if you look closely at the charts of their quotes, you will see that there are also small differences between these two charts. One currency pair may have a larger growth wave. The corridor of the flat can be wider… and so on.

So, the greater the similarity between the dynamics of the two price charts, the higher the Forex correlation coefficient.

How does the Forex correlation system work and brings us profit? It’s simple! At first, it is necessary to identify the moments when there is a difference between the dynamics of the two charts of quotations.

Next, we conclude 2 transactions. a BUY transaction for a currency pair whose quotes are lower. and a SELL transaction for a currency pair whose quotes are higher. After all, we know that the quotes of two currency pairs with a high forex correlation coefficient have similar movement dynamics. When these currency pairs begin to converge, the trader will make a profit. 

Of course, you can track the moments of maximum divergence between the quotes of two currency pairs with the help of technical indicators, and make deals automatically. To do this, you can use Forex correlation expert advisor. For example, the expert advisor Corr-Master.

EA Corr-Master uses several technical indicators to track and identify the moments of Forex correlation between the charts of quotes of various currency pairs. When this robot detects the occurrence of a Forex correlation, it enters into deals.

With the help of special mathematical algorithms, the Expert Advisor Corr-Master accompanies open trades. Adds new ones, closes old ones… As a result, the Forex correlation trading system works as follows. Below we have presented you the results of the Forex correlation expert advisor on various currency pairs:

Forex correlation between EURUSD-GBPUSD

Forex correlation between GBPJPY-USDJPY

Forex correlation between AUDCAD-AUDCHF

Forex correlation between EURUSD-EURJPY

Forex correlation between GBPJPY-CADJPY

Forex correlation between EURUSD-NZDUSD

Forex correlation between EURJPY-CHFJPY

Forex correlation between EURCAD-EURNZD

Forex correlation between EURCAD-EURAUD

Forex correlation between AUDUSD-NZDUSD

So, if you use Forex correlation expert advisor Corr-Master, then your profitability chart will be the same as you saw above. You can trade simultaneously on all the currency pairs listed above. That is, to add up all the profitability in one account. At the same time, you get an excellent diversification of trading risks and an excellent potential for the growth of your capital!

To learn more about how Forex correlation expert advisor Corr-Master works, follow the link-click on the button!!

As you can see, the forex correlation trading system can be used to trade between different currency pairs. And this is great – you can get a stable profit without any restrictions!

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