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Forex divergence scanner – THE BIG BRAIN

Forex divergence scanner – THE BIG BRAIN

Trading on divergences and convergences is one of the most profitable ways of trading in the financial market. However, even experienced traders cannot detect Divergence in time and correctly determine trading goals. The topic of this article is Forex divergence scanner. Namely, a professional tool that automatically detects divergences, shows where to set Take Profit, gives PUSH and email notifications, alerts and shows arrows in which direction to trade.

Forex divergence scanner – how to detect divergence?

So, divergences and convergences are detected between the quote chart and the technical indicator. As a rule, the MACD indicator is used as an indicator to identify divergences. So, if you are looking for the best forex divergence indicator, then this is the MACD indicator.
In our picture, you will see how it works. The red color is the MACD indicator, the blue color is the quotes of the asset on which you are looking for divergences:

It is quite simple to learn how to identify such divergences between the MACD indicator and the quote chart. However, what to do after you identify the divergence? When exactly to make deals? Where to set trading goals (orders: Take Profit and Stop Loss)? How to create a system from detected signals?

signals for trading

In simple words, it is quite easy to find divergence. If you don’t know how to detect divergences yourself, then any free Forex divergence indicator mt4 can do it… However, what to do next with the divergence you found???

THE BIG BRAIN - will find answers to all questions!!

So, our team has created a self-learning Forex divergence scanner that simultaneously performs several functions:

  • Detects divergences/convergences (that is, it works like a Forex divergence scanner)
  • Based on the identified divergences/convergences, it creates a trading system with the most profitable signals, calculates the statistics of this trading system (so you can see what the effectiveness of the Forex divergence scanner is and understand what profit you can get in the future)
  • Sends PUSH notifications, alerts, pop-ups, sends email, that is, notifies you in time about when to open a trade, in which direction to trade and when to close a trade.

So, let’s look at each function of THE BIG BRAIN indicator separately.

THE BIG BRAIN Forex divergence scanner

This block independently analyzes the quote chart and identifies divergences/convergences between the MACD indicator and the asset quotes. That is, we installed the indicator on the quote chart, turned on the smart brain algorithm, and the indicator began a comprehensive scan of the price chart:

The indicator shows all the detected divergences on the quote chart according to the classical drawing principles. At the same time, the indicator creates a trading system, showing where to open and close trades based on the identified divergences/convergences:

THE BIG BRAIN Strategy Generator

After THE BIG BRAIN best forex divergence indicator has found divergences on the chart of quotes, it selects the best trading strategy for these signals. That is, it independently selects the moments when the trader needs to make transactions, in which direction, where to set the Take Profit levels, etc.At the same time, the indicator displays the statistics of the profitability of trading on the specified strategy in a separate window. You can see the profitability of the strategy in advance to understand how much profit you can get in the future:

THE BIG BRAIN signal generator

Another important block of THE BIG BRAIN Forex divergence scanner is the signal generation block. Our indicator will notify you in time about the occurrence of a new divergence/convergence and the need to trade, namely:

  • It will show an arrow with a new trading direction on the quote chart,
  • Opens a pop-up window with information about the new signal,
  • Sends a PUSH notification to your phone and an email to your email address.

Thus, you will always receive a signal for trading on time, which means that you will never miss a profit!!

How much can you earn with THE BIG BRAIN Forex divergence Killer?

The profitability of THE BIG BRAIN system is about 70% per month. These are the results we got while testing this divergence scanner:

THE BIG BRAIN is a smart divergence killer!!

A little secret – sometimes 50% of your trading success depends on the broker. Choose the best broker and be calm – you are trading in the best environment!!

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