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Forex trading for dummies – best software for beginners

Forex trading for dummies – best software for beginners

Forex is a complex market where not everyone can earn money. According to the official statistics of brokers, about 76% of traders lose their money. Don’t you want to be a part of this sad statistic? Then this article is just for you!! Forex trading for dummies – the first steps in making a profit…

Forex trading for dummies

So, if you have opened a trading platform for the first time and have already familiarized yourself with its functionality, then do not rush to make your first trading operations. Don’t count on luck! Forex loves a systematic approach and working with a clear system! Especially if it is a Forex trading for dummies…

What to do? How to trade? How to make a profit? Let’s try to answer these questions by referring to specific examples.

signals for trading

When to make deals?

As for Forex for beginners, the first question arises – in what direction and when exactly to conclude deals. It is for this reason that all beginners are looking for technical indicators that give arrow signals. This refers to the arrows that indicate the best moments for trading.

However, no one knows the ultimate profitability of these signals? How much profit can you earn on such signals?!? Blind trading is a bad idea!!

Given the above, even if you find a good indicator, Forex trading for beginners becomes no less dangerous…

The best Forex trading for dummies

The good news is that our team has developed an indicator that has artificial intelligence inside it. It independently analyzes the price chart, selects the best signals and calculates their statistics! Forex trading for dummies with the help of THE BRAIN WAVES indicator looks like this :

Artificial intelligence analyzes the price chart and selects the best parameters for trading (selects the system for generating the most profitable signals). 

After selecting the best signals for trading, THE BRAIN WAVES indicator shows their statistics. You will receive approximately such trade statistics in the future.
This way you can know in advance how profitable your trading will be in the future and how much you can earn!! 

Next – the indicator gives arrow signals, you make trades on the indicator signals:

And of course, you get a profit on your trading account!! Here is what your profitability chart will look like if you use the signals of THE BRAIN WAVES indicator (our test of the indicator on a real account for 2 months):

The initial deposit is $ 5000. Net profit for 2 months $20,789

This is what Forex trading for dummies can look like if you use THE BRAIN WAVES system!! In simple words, you can easily get the same trading results, regardless of the fact that you are a novice trader!

Learn more about THE BRAIN WAVES system - the best Forex system for beginners

Another important point is which broker will be the best for trading… We want to offer you the best brokerage company – AXI BROKER. It is on the trading platform of this broker that we have received such excellent trading results personally!!

Do you want your trading system to work as efficiently as possible? 

Then choose a broker with the most comfortable trading conditions!! Minimum deposit and maximum trading leverage! Excellent trading conditions for beginners and professionals!

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