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Forex trend indicator – HiLo_Activator_Profi

Forex trend indicator – HiLo_Activator_Profi

We present you the time-tested forex best trend indicator, which will show you the start of a new forex trend on the quote chart in time, give you an arrow signal and an audio message, and help you make a profit in the financial market. You can download forex trend indicator at the bottom of this page for free. In this article, we will describe the principles of this indicator and how to use HiLo_Activator_Profi for trading and making a profit.

How does the Forex trend indicator - HiLo_Activator_Profi work?

So, the Forex trend indicator-HiLo_Activator_Profi is based on several moving averages and a Bolinger channel. Together, they analyze the chart of quotes and show the moments of trend changes. With HiLo_Activator_Profi, you can create your own forex trend strategy. Important note-HiLo_Activator_Profi works without redrawing, so the signals it gives will remain unchanged on the price chart. You can analyze the performance of the forex trend indicator on the price history to determine how to use its signals in the future.

HiLo_Activator_Profi will help you:

  • determine the direction of the trend – the direction for making deals – BUY or SELL
  • determine the levels for setting Stop Loss protection orders (this is a very important function to protect your capital)
  • determine the moment of trend reversal – this will help you close your trades in time and turn the trading direction with minimal losses (without waiting for the quotes to touch the Stop Loss level).


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As we wrote above – forex best trend indicator HiLo_Activator_Profi works without redrawing. And this allows you to 100% trust the indicator signals! Now we will tell you how to use this tool for forex trend trading. That is, we will describe a small, but very effective forex trend strategy for making a profit.

forex trend indicator

Forex trend strategy with HiLo_Activator_Profi

So, after the trend changes, this forex trend indicator shows an arrow (the direction of the new trend), and also places a horizontal level. This level is a convenient tool for determining the location of a Stop Loss order.
As the quotes continue to move, the forex trend tool HiLo_Activator_Profi will shift the levels for Stop Loss. Accordingly, you will need to move the Stop Loss levels of your orders. Thus, you can move the Stop Loss to the break-even level and further in the direction of profit. As for the Take Profit order, this forex best trend indicator does not show the place where to place the profit-taking level. So, you will need to determine the place of profit-taking yourself.

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forex best trend indicator

How to instal forex trend indicator HiLo_Activator_Profi

Open the root directory of your MT4 platform and copy the contents of the archive to “Indicators” folder, which you can download at the bottom of this page.  The “Indicators” folder is located in the “MQ4” directory.

Be sure to restart your MetaTrader platform so that the forex trend indicator can appear in the “Navigator” section and become available for selection and use.

Open any currency pair or other asset from your MT4 platform.

Open the navigator tab and drag the forex trend indicator HiLo_Activator_Profi to the quote chart.

Immediately after installing this indicator on the quote chart, it will automatically analyze the market and show you its signals on the history. Exactly the same signals HiLo_Activator_Profi Forex best trend indicator will give you in the future. As you can see, this trade indicator perfectly analyzes the market and shows the trend movement well. Accordingly, it can become an excellent tool for trading in the future. You can use it to create your own forex trend strategy.


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Unfortunately, this forex trend indicator does not give alerts. That is, it only shows the direction of the trend, but when the arrow appears and the trend changes, it does not give a sound signal and does not send a PUSH notification to the trader’s smartphone. Thus, we recommend that you use HiLo_Activator_Profi together with another trading indicator to build a forex trend strategy, which will give you sound signals and draw attention to the change in the trend in the market.
In addition to this forex trend indicator, you can choose a professional indicator from our online store or find yourself another profitable free indicator on the free products page of our website.

Download forex trend indicator for free

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