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Online trading program – NitroFX

Online trading program – NitroFX

NitroFX is an online trading program that differs significantly from other manual trading systems. It is based on the RENKO chart and gives excellent signals with minimal drawdown. You can download program trading algorithms NitroFX ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE at the bottom of this page. We will describe in more detail what this complex is for manual trading, how to install it and how to trade so that the online trading program brings profit.

Overview of the online trading program NitroFX

So, the program trading algorithms NitroFX works on the basis of RENKO charts, respectively, the appearance of this system is significantly different from other systems for manual trading. Take a look at the picture below and you will understand everything:

online trading program 2

This system includes an automatic utility (program trading algorithms), which independently transforms the price chart into a RENKO chart. The author’s indicator that colors the chart of quotes in a certain color (a completely useless indicator as far as trading is concerned, but aesthetically beautiful))). Also, at the core of this system is the price reversal indicator, which shows the moments when the RENKO chart changes the direction of movement and gives signals for trading. Another indicator is the trend filter, which shows the global trend movement and helps to filter out a lot of false signals about the price reversal.

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This online trading program NitroFX is quite easy to use and gives quite good trading signals. We do not promise that with this strategy you will quickly earn a lot of money. However, you can get a stable profit. Plus, there is no big drawdown in this system. So NitroFX is well suited for beginners.

How to trade with the online trading program NitroFX

So, each moment of the price reversal is accompanied by a change in the color of the RENKO quotes, as well as an audible and pop-up signal with an arrow in the corresponding direction. If there is a BUY signal and the trend filter shows an increasing trend, then you can make a deal on BUY. Accordingly, if the online trading program gives a signal to SELL and the trend filter shows a declining trend, then you can make a trade on SELL. It’s very simple!


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The Stop Loss order must be placed at the nearest extreme / minimum. The Take Profit order must be at a distance greater than the Stop Loss. Thus, you get a money management system that always works in favor of the trader. Also, trades can be opened and closed on the opposite signals of the indicator.

How to install program trading algorithms NitroFX

Installing the online trading program is quite simple. Download the archive of the trading system for free at the bottom of this page.
Open the root directory of your platform and copy the folders to that root directory.
Next, restart the MT4 platform. So, after these steps, the NintroFX system will be ready for use. Open the “Navigator” tab and apply an Expert Advisor to the quote chart, which transforms regular quotes into a RENKO chart display. After that, go to the templates and apply the template of this system. After that, the system will automatically adjust to your quote chart. It remains only to wait for a new signal to trade and start trading. How to trade with the online trading program NitroFX you can read above.

program trading algorithms 1


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Money management online trading program

As for money management, we note a positive point – this system does not use dangerous methods of money management. Thus, the size of the trading lot can be used 0.01 for every 300-400 units of the account.
We remind you that this online trading program is not our own development and we are not responsible for its use on a real account. Before you start trading on a real account, test this program trading algorithms on a demo account. Once you are sure that this program brings you a profit, you can switch to a real account and make transactions for real money.
If you want to use the online program for trading-go to the page of our online store. In our store you will find the best algorithms for manual trading!

Download online trading program NitroFX for FREE

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