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Robots for scalping M5 timeframe

Scalping M5 refers to a high-frequency type of trading. This means that the Expert Advisors performing trading on M5 make trades 4-5 times more often than on the H1 timeframe. Accordingly, you will receive several times more profit! So, let’s look at a few trading robots for M5 that are able to make a profit.

Scalping M5 – why is it more profitable?

At its core, trading on m5 is no different from trading on other timeframes. The indicators on the basis of which any trading system works give the same signals as on H1. The whole secret is that on the M5 timeframe, price candles occur much more often. If on the H1 timeframe a new candle occurs 1 time in 1 hour, then on the M5 timeframe each new candle occurs every 5 minutes. Thus, indicators give signals for trading much more often.

In addition, the lower timeframes are much more volatile than the higher ones. Accordingly, the indicators during trading on the M5 move with a greater amplitude and frequency. Accordingly, trading signals (which are performed by robots) occur quite often.

Which robot for M5 should I choose?

Now let’s move on to the robots that trade on the M5 timeframe. On our website you will find several good automated trading robots for M5 scalping. So, let’s get started!

NINJA bot - a strong and progressive robot for scalping on the M5 timeframe

The strategy of this robot is scalping M5 quotes in a special price channel built on the principle of fibo extensions.
The advantages of NINJA bot are as follows:

  • Trading is conducted simultaneously on 11 currency pairs.
  • The NINJA bot uses 3 strategies simultaneously.
  • Stop Loss protection orders are always used, as well as a smart algorithm for tracking each open trade.
  • Small amount to start trading-from $ 100.

As a result, the trader receives the following chart of profitability (chart of profitability of trading on 1 of the 11 available for trading):

A short video clip about how it works:

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YEN bot - stable trading on the Japanese yen

Another inexpensive and effective trading adviser for trading on M5 is YEN bot. The strategy of this Expert Advisor is to trade on the trend. That is, deals are made only in the direction of the global trend of the USDJPY currency pair.
The advantages of this robot YEN bot for trading on M5 are:

  • good profitability-from 15% per month or more,
  • a small trading drawdown,
  • the use of trade protection with Stop Loss orders
  • a small amount to start trading-from $ 100.

The YEN bot profitability chart looks like this:

Video review of the YEN bot Expert Advisor:

As you can see, despite the fact that the YEN bot Expert Advisor works on only one currency pair, its scalping results on M5 are more than impressive!

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OXYGEN EA-profitable scalping of M5 and M5 timeframes

A good solution for trading on two timeframes at once (M5 + M15) is the OXYGEN Expert Advisor. His trading strategy is to trade on price deviations within the Bollinger Channel. Very accurate trades give excellent profitability and a small drawdown. Advantages of this robot:

  • Scalping on 2 timeframes M5+M15 at once,
  • Small trading drawdown,
  • Multi-currency trading on 9 currency pairs simultaneously,
  • Excellent profitability of about 20-25% per month,

EA OXYGEN’s profitability is as follows:

Video of how the OXYGEN Expert Advisor works:

So, if you are interested in automatic strategy Forex m5, then now you have examples of 3 robots for scalping M5. All that remains to make a profit is to install one or more robots on the platform and click on the “Auto Trade” button! 

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