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Professional trading on Volumes

We present You one of the best strategies for manual trading –
XXL PVA Scalping

works on any asset

works on any timeframe

Trend system

Scalping volumes

high profitability

How does it work?

Our complex analyzes the trading volumes on the market and we know in advance in which direction the quotes will move in the future!!

If BUY volumes grow – quotes are growing UP. That is, we can trade in BUY: 

If SELL volumes grow – quotes are falling DOWN. That is, we can trade in SELL: 

Trading volumes are one of the most accurate indicators in the world. Quotes move after trading volumes. If you make trades in the direction of trading volumes, then you will always make a profit!

Clear goals - clear trading!!

If we know the direction of the price movement, where can we fix the profit?

Our system independently determines the target levels for placing Take Profit and Stop Loss orders. This way your trading goals will always be known in advance!

The best author's indicators, a lot of useful functions in one package!

The volume indicator is just a part of our system. XXL PVA SCALPING consists of a variety of indicators that significantly facilitate the trader’s trading. Namely:

Goals for trading – the indicator determines where you need to set the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. Trading becomes clear and simple!

Super Trend indicator – shows the direction of the trend. You can always know the direction of the market and correctly filter your trading operations.

Easy navigation – panel for selecting assets for trading and timeframes. Switch between assets to trade in milliseconds!

On-screen trading results – manage your trades instantly and conveniently. On the quote chart, you can see all your trading operations, change them with 1 mouse click.