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Are you looking for an inexpensive, profitable and safe Expert Advisor for Forex trading? Then YEN BOT is exactly what you need!

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So, YEN BOT performs automatic trading on the Japanese yen (USDJPY currency pair, M5 timeframe). The yen is a classic investment asset. The Japanese yen is often referred to as a safe haven currency. It is bought by currency investors from all over the world to hedge risks during the crisis. You’ve probably already heard about it yourself… So, this asset is in a constant trend. And these are excellent conditions for trading with the Expert Advisor YEN BOT.

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Description of the YEN BOT strategy

Trend Control

The YEN BOT Expert Advisor tracks the trend direction using several professional trend indicators on the M15-H1-H4 timeframe. That is, it checks that the trend is directed in the same direction on all timeframes.

Trading on a rollback

Next, the YEN BOT waits for the USDJPY quotes to roll back from the trend direction, that is, the correction movement will reach its extreme values. After that, the YEN BOT makes a deal in the direction of the trend.

Adjusting the result

The money management system built into the Forex expert advisor YEN BOT allows you to adjust the future result. The Expert Advisor can add and close trades in order to get the maximum result.

Stop Loss System

If the trend has reversed, the YEN BOT Expert Advisor will close trades during the first price rollback. Also, the Expert Advisor uses Stop Loss orders, which allow you to prevent large trading losses.

10 years of work - test of the YEN BOT Expert Advisor with an accuracy of 99%

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Advantages of YEN BOT

Trading in the direction of the trend

As professional traders say, the trend is our friend. Trading in the direction of the trend is the safest and most profitable trade.

Minimum deposit from 100 USD

To start trading, you need at least 100 USD on your trading account. Minimum money for a successful start! And a minimum of risk to your capital!

Small trade drawdown 15-20%

The maximum trading drawdown of this EA is about 15%. This means that the load on your trading account will be minimal!

Uses protection – Stop Loss

The Expert Advisor uses the Stop Loss protection order system. Thus, the trader’s capital is protected from large losses.

Easy to use

You will only need a few minutes to install this Expert Advisor. YEN BOT works completely automatically – you don’t need to do anything extra.

High profitability

The profitability of YEN BOT is from 5% to 40% per month. This trading robot will provide you with fast and stable capital gains!

Put YEN BOT on the quote chart and earn money on the trend of a popular investment asset!

Full package
*Unlimited number of accounts with the user name
€ 125
  • The YEN BOT file for the MT4 platform
  • Detailed manual
  • Technical Support
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Economy package
**One trading account
€ 99
  • The YEN BOT file for the MT4 platform
  • Detailed manual
  • Technical Support
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How to setup

*Unlimited number of accounts with the username – the product will work on any number of accounts that are opened personally by the buyer (the product is linked to the buyer’s name).

**One trading account – the product will work only on 1 trading account, the number of which the buyer informs us to obtain a license to use the product (the product is linked to the account number).

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Improve your results by 50% more!!!